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2019 Plans & Goals Update

We’re more than half way through 2019 so I thought I should check in on the plans and goals I set in January to see how I’m getting on.

patreon new work

Going Well

Create 12 new characters/patterns – my Patreon has really helped me create new things – look at all this new stuff! I think I’ve already smashed this and I still have lots of plans for the rest of the year too.

Enjoy my book release – this was even more exciting as I hoped and I haven’t had to deal with anything too negative (yet!). Hopefully all the lovely contributor reviews and photos will keep me from fixating on middling reviews.

Reading Challenge – I’m 3 books ahead of schedule at 36/52. I’ve also finished 5 of the unread books on my beside table.

Some Progress

Figure out my freelancing – I have completely redesigned my portfolio site with almost all-new content too. I would call this a win, except that I am still very much in a weird temporary stage between my past as a Shopify/web designer and my future as an author/illustrator/??? so it’s all still a work in progress.

Reach my first Patreon goal of 25 patrons – I’m getting there. Not sure I’ll fulfil this one but I’m going to keep positive and keep creating fun stuff. I hope the growing backlash against Instagram means more people realise Patreon is a great way to follow and support creatives, while getting exclusive content – and no algorithms!

Make more zines – well, I have made one! I’m also working on a little zine now and have a few other ideas.

Cook new things – I have been, but not really enough. I need to sort out which recipes I want to try.

Go outside – I’m doing my best but it’s been a weird year for weather with a lot of rain and a lot of extreme heat.

sad ice lolly

Oh Dear

Catch up with friends’ music – nope, still listening to the same stuff. I am going to Make A List soon and get started.

Declutter – I have done a little bit but nothing major.

Try Journaling again – I still really want to do this but I haven’t decided on a plan yet. I’m definitely giving up the 5 year diary this year as it’s no longer very useful to me.


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