Angel Bunny Tapestry Pillow

It was my mum’s birthday last week and I made her an Angel Bunny mini pillow!

Angel Bunny Tapestry Cushion

If you remember my crafts resolutions post earlier this year, this was the secret project, which had been hiding at the back of a drawer since I moved. I actually stitched the tapestry in 2012 (a colour variation on my original design), designed and ordered backing fabric in 2013 and then did nothing for 7 years!

Angel Bunny Tapestry Cushion

The main thing stopping me from finishing was that the tapestry was all skewed, probably due to unequal tension on the frame while stitching. I read a lot of guides to blocking and almost gave up because it all sounded so complicated, but Claire helped me find an easier guide and I gave it a go.

Angel Bunny Tapestry Cushion

You essentially just pin it to a board as straight as you can, put a damp tea towel on top and leave it until it’s completely dry. I was extremely dubious as it was so hard to get anywhere near straight without huge lumpy bits, but it all flattened out. It still wasn’t perfectly straight but what a difference!

Angel Bunny Tapestry Cushion

I designed this Angel Bunny pattern and had it made into fabric at Spoonflower so it was just a matter of sewing most of the way round, stuffing in a pillow and hand-stitching the last bit.

I’m so happy to have ticked this off the list and sent it off to its new home. My mum loves it of course and it will make up for the lack of real Angel Bunny visits for a while. I guess I need to tackle something else on the list now…

PS. Angel Bunny (Ange Lapin) is made by Trousselier so I will not be selling the fabric or pattern but happy to send a free pattern to anyone. Just email me.

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