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April 2020 Favourites

Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff from my full month in lockdown.

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My 4 favourite photos

  • Baguette plush | Pink flowers
  • Spring blossom | My jewellery display board

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Fave 5 from the blog

Some other things I wrote

5 Links I loved

  • Love these daily food paintings by a Japanese artist. He’s been doing it for 32 years!
  • Maps of Life Under Lockdown with peoples’ homes and neighbourhoods. If I ever get my drawing mojo back, I will do one too.
  • Susie at boygirlparty has been sharing free colouring pages on Instagram every day. I requested a night sky theme and/or bunnies and got both together!
  • Book Riot also shared big round-up of colouring pages by artists.
  • I keep meaning to say that quite a few links I share are via the daily email from The Morning News, who I have been pals with since the diskant days. I really recommend signing up for interesting things to read.

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