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Birthday Gifts & Purchases

I shared some of the cute stuff I got for my birthday but there’s more – and I bought a few things for myself too – so let’s have a look.

Japanese snacks

As well as all the cake that arrived in the post, I ended up with this big box of Japanese candy & snacks! Much of it was from Nicolette (from Japan Centre I think), while the Pringles, cherry Pocky and coffee I ordered myself from JapanHaul for fun. Most of this is still unopened but I’m very intrigued by the Pringles, which are Fish & Chips and mystery flavour?!? There may well be a blog post about all this later.


Jan found me this lovely daffodil glass set in the charity shop and it survived the post. I’ve been using it as a vase as otherwise it would just end up in the back of a cupboard. It took me a while to remember to buy daffodils and then they turned out to be the wrong kind and didn’t match. I should really plant some in my part of the shared garden so have the ones I like.

Japanese stickers

This is what was inside my Cute Things From Japan order – stickers! Bunny stamps, Rilakkuma washi strips and some unseasonal Christmas bunnies. They also included lots of free sakura stationery samples and a newsletter so it always feels like a gift from a friend.

fuji pin

No one bought me this Fuji brooch by Scout Editions so I got one myself. The whole collection is so cute and tiny, but I also don’t know if I can bear the risk of wearing it so it might end up in my type drawer of tiny things.


Boden always send me a couple of vouchers in March and since I didn’t use them last year I got a couple of new stripey tops. I love the colours and especially that ruffled cuff. The cap sleeve t-shirt was perfect for getting the vaccine too, my best belated birthday present.

iPad cover

My iPad ran out of space (even though all it has is drawing apps, comics and games!) and I realised it was 4 years old now so I checked trade in prices and was able to get a new iPad Air. I love all the new features and it’s a lot lighter than the Pro. I also got the Pencil 2 and well done Apple for fixing all the annoying things about the first one. The most difficult part of the whole experience was choosing some stickers for the cover – they’re by Tiny Plant, Noodoll and Kira Kira Doodles.

I also bought a couple of craft kits but will share those another time.


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