My Year in Crafts

After a very crafty 2020, I had high hopes of continuing in 2021 but while it started out well, overall it was a much less craft-filled year. Here’s a look back at my favourite projects and what I hope to work on in 2022.

2021 craft projects

Here’s everything I made in 2021.

It wasn’t planned at all but I ended up making 4 plush kits! The Noodoll bunny and gingerbread man (and snowman!) were really fun to customise and the Pompompurin keyring was cute and easy. That Pusheen plush was a nightmare though, but I did enjoy making the pizza. I also did a bit of cross stitch and embroidery and I got really into origami at the beginning of the year, asked for some new papers for my birthday and then never used them.

miniature dollhouse kit

My favourite project of the year was definitely the miniature dollhouse kit! I had so much fun customising it into a Super Cute Kawaii bedroom office with my own paint colours, wallpaper, artwork and book. It was just the right level of fun without being too quick or frustrating and kept me busy for a while. I’m not sure I’m ready to do another one yet but I would like to eventually.

2022 Plans

Other than the dollhouse kit, I didn’t really manage to complete any of my 2021 project plans and will keep them on the longlist. My main plans for this year are more origami and to get enough pieces together to start hanging my long-planned hoop art wall. I also definitely want to make some DIY plants – as in this post I wrote for SCK – since I’m not great at keeping real ones alive. I’m extremely tempted to buy some acrylic paint pens to play with, but I think I will save that for my birthday wish list. I’m sure I will pick up some more cute craft kits too.

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