New Jammie Dodger Cards

My Jammie Dodger cards are back, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

jammie dodger valentines card

It’s got a fresh new look to match the rest of my range with a bright pink background and a friendlier font. It’s the perfect way to tell someone that you love them just as much as biscuits – a high honour in the UK at least!

jammie dodger cards

This card has been around since 2009 and there have been so many different versions. I wrote a Jammie Dodger Through The Ages post in 2015 and there’s been even more since then. It’s always fun to see how my style has changed – and that my photography skills have improved. This is definitely my favourite one yet, so I hope you love it too.

It’s available in my shop individually, or you can save some money with the pick and mix offer and get some other cards too.

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