15 Year Anniversary, Creative Work

Making Mini Paintings, Part 2

On to the next stage in the process of making mini paintings for Asking For Trouble’s 15th anniversary next month. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it.

mini posca paintings

Now that I had my painted canvases, it was time to add some characters. I printed off line art at the right size and used tracing paper to transfer them. That makes sure everything is in the right place.

mini posca paintings

Painting took a bit longer than expected as some colours are not very opaque (yellow is the worst!) and needed a few layers or even another coat of paint. A few other colour combos or designs didn’t end up working at all and I painted over them (goodbye tea cup and Jammie Dodger!). At least I know better for future.

mini posca paintings

After all that, we’re ready for some faces and details! I’ll reveal the finished 15 paintings next time and when they’ll be available to buy.

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