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November 2022 Recap + My Blog is Back!

Here’s a look back at what happened in November on my blog and social media. I also used all the experience from my past jobs in IT support and web development to fix my blog by…waiting to see if it would fix itself. Which it did, eventually! My hosting company did seem to be having some DNS issues too. Anyway, I have decided to keep this blog for more personal stuff (travel, books, goals etc.) and use my shop blog for art, crafts, shop updates etc. So, go add it to your blog/RSS reader if you use one.

instagram marcelinesmith
  • My mushroom cross stitch sampler is finished – see SCK links below.
  • Sent out a lot of stickers recently and my sticker drawer is pretty cute.
  • Noon at the seafront, already looking like sunset
  • Christmas decorations are going up!

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