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My crafting time has been a bit reduced lately but I did manage to finish a couple of projects for my mum and an Easter kit.

cross stitch biscornu

This was my biggest project for my mum’s birthday – a bee-themed cross stitch biscornu pincushion from a pattern by curiouscarrie. My mum’s surname is Honig, which is honey in Dutch so it’s the perfect theme, and I even edited the honey pot text to match. It was quite quick to stitch up as I simplified the colour scheme a bit to work with my stash.

cross stitch biscornu

I have made a biscornu before but that was a long time ago and I had forgotten everything, but I read a few tutorials and didn’t have any issues in the end. This one is a little bit bigger than you would normally make a pincushion – I would have stitched it on 16 or 18 count if I’d thought about it more. I think it would be a fun challenge to design one of these myself – maybe some day!

origami flower

My origami goals haven’t been going to plan as I discovered my origami paper has designs on both sides (rather than one being a solid colour) so it’s no good for anything with a face and it gets tedious cutting plain paper into squares. I did make this Cosmos flower for a Mother’s Day card using a tutorial by kamikey. I really enjoyed making this and it looks more complicated than it is.

easter window decorations

And I got this Søstrene Grene Easter decorations kit for my birthday and made it one weekend. Despite how cute it looks in the photo, it was pretty much a disaster from start to finish! I wrote about it on SCK and then had to add an update later when I discovered they’d welded themselves to the window and were almost impossible to remove. Avoid!

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