My favourite blogs

I love blogs and the wordier the better, though eye candy is nice too. These are all the ones I follow and you should too. I’ve split them into sections for easier browsing.

my favourite blogs

My Favourites

The ones that I’ve put in a special folder so I see them first and I would totally cry if they stopped posting.

  • The AV Club – pop culture news, reviews and columns.
  • Bad Astronomy – SPAAACE! Also excellent science-based mocking of idiots.
  • Caustic Cover Critic – book covers, from the brilliant to the laughable.
  • David Lebovitz – food writing and recipes from an American in Paris
  • The Everywhereist – travel writing and so much more.
  • Freaky Trigger – Music, film and pop culture.
  • Kao-ani – kawaii and crafts from SCK writer Natasja.
  • Manhattan Nest – the greatest home renovation blog that will ever exist.
  • Popjustice – the true successor to 1980s Smash Hits.
  • Rainbowholic – Kaila’s super cute and creative life in Japan.
  • Smitten Kitchen – excellent recipes and stories from a New York cook.
  • The Takeout – entertaining US food blog
  • Tor – news, reviews, columns and rereads from the SFF publisher.
  • Vinyl Destination – my friend Simon writing about his record collection
  • The Wertzone – SFF book, movie and TV reviews + in depth articles.

Creative People

Blogs To Skim

These blogs post multiple times a day about a wide range of subjects, or from many different contributors. Add to Feedly or follow on Twitter/Facebook so you can watch for the ones you like.

Sadly Missed

These blogs rarely or never update any more but if they’re new to you, go read the archives and join me in hoping for a comeback.

Other Things