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PO Box & Mail Swap

I recently fulfilled a life long dream and now have a PO Box! UK/EU laws require me to publish my address all over the place and it was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. It also opens up opportunities for fun! By which I mean SURPRISE MAIL SWAP.

PO Box - askingfortrouble

I love sending and receiving surprise mail, but it’s not really that much of a surprise when you have to ask for the address. I’ve always wanted to revive the Summer Postcard Club so this is a good replacement and runs all year round. You don’t need to restrict yourself to postcards either.


So, a promise! If you send something to my PO Box, I promise I will send you something in return, even internationally. It may take a while but it will happen.

You can find more information and the address on the surprise mail swap page (or via the contact page) so I look forward to hearing from you and will be stalking the postman even more than usual.


Recent Purchases – January

I’ve scheduled in one of these posts for every month this year so I’ll remember to share all the fun stuff I buy. I sensibly put all my Christmas money in my Japan savings account so I didn’t buy that much in January.


I did stalk Eva Stalinski on Instagram waiting for her to reopen her shop so I could buy one of these sad keys for my keyring. As soon as I saw it, I had to have one. My keys are pretty boring (and both for my front door) so this is perfect to add some cuteness.

enamel pins

I bought some enamel pins from my wish list as well. I’ve had my eye on the ghosts from Northern Spells and then couldn’t resist a snow bunny too.

enamel pins

I also got my pins from the Crowded Teeth Kickstarter (I love Saturn Sprinkles so much!), a night sky pin by Danger In Design and a Rainbowholic rainbow pin, which will be going on my spring/autumn jacket.

enamel pins

Some of these pins were bigger than I expected so my board is running out of space. I already have a bigger one but I need to paint it first.


To help my goal of listening to more new music, I bought a Bluetooth speaker. I didn’t realise quite how life changing this would be, but the sound is much better than my laptop speakers and I can easily carry it around the house for packing orders, cooking or cleaning.


And finally, pens! I have bought quite a lot of stuff for my journal, but I already showed you most of it. These Twin Tip Sharpies have become my favourite pens for journalling – both tips are great for writing, they don’t bleed and the colours are perfect. The light blue and navy blue are my favourites.

rainbow mail

I also got some Rainbow Mail from Rainbowholic but you can read more about that in my post with Natasja at Super Cute Kawaii.

News, Sales & Offers

Valentine’s Day Cards & Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon! If you’re looking for cards or gifts for your sweetheart, best friend or just yourself, here’s some ideas featuring my cute characters.

valentine's day cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

However you feel, I’ve got a cute card to help you express it. All of these designs – and more! – are also available from my Zazzle store including blank versions to personalise with your own text. Zazzle ship locally in the US so you’ll have a better chance of getting a card in time if you order there.

valentine's day kawaii best friends gifts

Character Pairs

I have lots of paired characters that are perfect for couples and BFFs. Are you a Bunny & Panda? Or maybe an ice cream & ice lolly, sun & planet, Fuji & onigiri or bee & sunflower? Something else? Create your own pairing with my pick and mix badges.

valentine's day kawaii gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts On-Demand

Lots of my cute characters and patterns are available on fun gifts at Society6 & Redbubble with everything from homeware and stationery to clothing and gadget cases.

valentine's day kawaii mug

I just added a pink version of my Bunny & Panda pattern and today there’s 25% off everything at Society6 and 20% off everything at Redbubble, so what are you waiting for?

kawaii peapod paper cut tutorial copyright marceline smith

Valentine’s Day Freebies

If you’re short on cash, a handmade gift is always special. Many of my free paper craft tutorials can be used for Valentine’s Day cards and decorations, especially the Pancake and Peapod.

News, Sales & Offers

February News & Shopping Offers

Hello February! Here’s what’s new this month plus shopping offers and freebies.

2018 Calendar Printable Bookmarks

News and Reminders

pancake paper cut tutorial copyright marceline smith

Seasonal Freebies

Pancake Day is on February 13th this year and Valentine’s Day on the 14th so plenty time to make some Pancake cards and decorations with my free tutorial. There’s also lots of cute desktop & mobile wallpapers and comics & zines free for the taking.


Current Shopping Offers

  • Free UK shipping / discounted £2 shipping worldwide on all orders over £15 in my main shop + 10% off your next order!
  • 25% off everything in my Zazzle store through Friday with the code ZAZZSITEWIDE + check the site for new offers throughout the month.
  • Free shipping on 5 Year Diaries & my Kawaii Japan paperback at Lulu today with the code SHIPIT2018.
  • Repeat customer offer: 15% off the Valentine’s Day collection! Just login and check the cart page for the code. (How do you become one? Place an order in my shop and you’ll have the option to create a customer account for exclusive monthly offers.)
  • $10 off your first order at my Society6 store with this link.
  • 25% off any 4 small vinyl stickers from my Redbubble shop or 50% off any 10!
  • 15% off any 2 mugs or spiral notebooks from my Redbubble shop.
  • 50% off your first personalised card at Thortful with the code TTSHUVNO.
  • More ongoing offers can be found on my Special Offers page.
Monthly Reviews

My January Links, Lists & Reviews

It’s a new year, so I’ve changed a few things around for these posts. I’ll share my video on Instagram later.

My 4 favourite photos

instagram marcelinesmith

Mostly from my Instagram (L-R, top-bottom)

  • So many pretty views from the seafront this month
  • A new batch of polymer stamps arrived, still neatly lined up
  • Sumikko Ghost in an an apple house
  • Sunset!

Fave 5 from the blog

Other things I wrote

Links I loved

  • I was really pleased to discover the founder of Get Rich Slowly has bought the site back. Some blogs just don’t work without their original voice. There’s loads of helpful, non-judgmental, advice about money on there and it’s well worth following again.
  • Need some book recs? My pal Rachel read 174 books in 2017! Quite a few of my recent favourites came via her lists and this is a fun round-up.
  • Some great New Year blogging improvements to keep your blog fresh from Kristabel.
  • Tor still killing it with the Star Wars essays: The Rebellion Won Because They Treated Their Droids Like People. Chopper should be fired into the sun though.

2018 goals update

Go outside: 15/31 days. Ouch. In my defence, I have been really busy and sick and the weather is grim.
Blog posts written: 13 here and 12 at SCK