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Party Rings Biscuits at Society6 & Redbubble

My 100 Day Project is going really well (too well? I’m worried about posting a total dud now!) but one set of characters is already a big favourite.

kawaii party rings biscuits

Brits of a certain age will have fond memories of Party Rings biscuits with their bright pastel striped icing. Sadly they are not so great any more but you can relive the glory days with my new pattern.

kawaii party rings biscuits society6

It’s now available in my Society6 & Redbubble stores on tons of fun products including homeware, stationery, bags, gadget cases, art prints and more. It’s the perfect pattern to add some kawaii to your kitchen or daily life.

kawaii party rings biscuits redbubble

The clothing options are pretty incredible too – party rings leggings! As always, let me know if you order anything.

Most products are available from both sites so keep an eye out for their regular discounts. Society6 seem to have stopped free international shipping offers but Redbubble can print and ship some products regionally from the UK and Europe.

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Giveaway Reminder – Ends Tonight!

Just a quick reminder that my giveaway at Super Cute Kawaii ends tonight! If you haven’t entered yet, you’ve got until 10pm BST.


There’s two cute prize packs up for grabs and lots of entry options so you have plenty chances to win. You don’t have to do all the entries though – you just have a better chance of winning if you do. We’ll be announcing the winner on SCK tomorrow morning. Good luck!


New! Kawaii Skies Gift Wrap & Brooches

I gave you a preview of my Kawaii Skies gift wrap but here’s a look at the real thing, plus some cute new brooches.

Kawaii Skies cloud brooches

Let’s start with the Happy Cloud brooches, as they turned out so cute! I couldn’t decide which face to order so I got both. Judging by the mini poll on Instagram, that was the right choice. It’s also why I still love designing acrylic brooches – two lots of enamel pins would have been very expensive, plus I have bad luck with white enamel pins arriving with black smudges.

Kawaii Skies cloud brooches

They’re only £4 each, or you can order both together and save £1. They do look very cute as a pair and would also be fun in a group with other nature-themed pins.

Kawaii Skies wrapping paper

My new Kawaii Skies gift wrap also turned out cute and is perfect for any happy gifting occasion with clouds, sunshine, balloons and rainbows.

Kawaii Skies gift wrap set

It’s available as flat sheets or in a handy gift wrap set, which includes 2 sheets of wrapping paper, 2 folded gift tags and 2 stickers.

Kawaii gift wrap

The colour scheme really rounds out my wrapping paper collection! Now that I have five designs again, the random option in my pick and mix offer will include equal amounts of all designs. You can also request your own selection of designs, if you only want certain characters.

It’s nice to have new things in the shop! Hope you like them.

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March Meet The Maker Roundup

March Meet The Maker is over for another year. I did find the prompts a little bit repetitive a second time around but I mostly managed to find new and different things to share.

march meet the maker 2018

I’m glad I managed to complete the whole month and hopefully I will remember to take more behind the scenes photos to share throughout the year. Of course, I am also now doing #The100DayProject.

The most popular post by far was this video of me drawing a Mt Fuji on a customer order. I guess I should share this sort of thing more often.

march meet the maker 2018

I’ve collected my March Meet The Maker posts together on Tumblr, if you’d like to see them all. I’ve been slowly moving over all my lists from the Li.st Archive so you can now also look back at my March Meet The Maker 2017 and Colour My Every Day too.

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100 Days of Kawaii Characters – #The100DayProject

I’ve always been interested in taking part in #The100DayProject but never had the time or a good enough idea. This year, my schedule got unexpectedly cleared a bit so I’ve decided to join in. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a personal art challenge where you do something every day for 100 days – and it starts today!

100 Days of Kawaii Characters - #The100DayProject

My project is 100 Days of Kawaii Characters! I’ll be creating a new character every day and sharing it on Instagram (and probably on Twitter, Facebook and blog round-ups too). There will be brand new characters and some reworkings or variations on existing characters. Some will be full vectors and others will be quick sketches. I may even do some fan art.

jammie dodger - #100DaysOfKawaiiCharacters

The unique hashtag I’m using is #100DaysOfKawaiiCharacters so you’ll be able to see them all together there and the first one is already live. I’m starting off easy with a never-shared experiment. This was me wondering what Jammie Dodger would be like in my current illustration style. I’m not too keen on it but I might come back to it again someday.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters - #The100DayProject

Not all my new characters will be keepers so I’ll be relying on your likes and comments to help me decide which ones deserve to join the gang and turn up on products and patterns. And if you have any requests, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I have around 50 ideas on my list so I need plenty more. I hope you’ll follow along.