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    February News & Shopping Offers

    Here’s a catch up on what’s new, plus shopping offers. News and reminders My Patreon has had a refresh and is a fun way to support me and my work, both with…

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    Monthly Reviews

    January Favourites

    Hello 2021! Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff from this month. My 4 favourite photos Rilakkuma in the only tiny bit of snow we’ve had so far :( My cosy…

  • christmas gifts

    Christmas Gifts & Purchases

    I’m a bit late with this one but I was waiting for my only Black Friday purchase to arrive. Here’s what I got for Christmas and a few other things I bought…

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    Shop Update: New Products & Seconds

    A little update for you with a new product, restocked items, seconds and more news. New Stickers I made these happy stickers for my patrons and Christmas mail but everyone loved them…

  • craft plans

    Recent Craft Projects & 2021 Plans

    One thing 2020 was very good for was crafting and I completed so many projects, including some that had been unfinished for years. Here’s a look at what I made and what…

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    Books & Zines

    My 2020 in Books

    My reading challenge could have gone either way in 2020 but I’m glad I ended up reading more than ever. I still like the reading challenge feature on Goodreads as it’s easy…

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    Me Me Me

    2021 Plans & Goals

    A lot of people aren’t doing new year resolutions this year, and I totally get that. After the year we’ve just had, everyone needs to take things easier. My annual plans &…

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    Monthly Reviews

    Goodbye 2020

    I hope I never have to live through another year like 2020 but it wasn’t all terrible. Let’s have a look back at the year through my blog. I didn’t post a…

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    Monthly Reviews

    December Favourites

    2020 is almost over! Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff from this month. My 4 favourite photos My gingerbread house Christmas card Christmas Pudding ornament Star projector from the Fall…

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    Creative Work

    This Year’s Christmas Card

    Every year, I design a special Christmas card for my family and friends. With everything going on this year, it might not have happened but I managed to come up with something…

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    Recent Purchases

    I shared some of my Halloween buys a while back but here’s some more of my cute purchases before I had to stop and make a Christmas wish list instead. Let’s start…