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September 2007

  • Creative Work

    New Polka Dot Purses

    Now that my exhibition purses are out of the way, I am back to re-stocking the shop. I made another batch of polka dot purses yesterday and I’m very pleased with them.…

  • Events


    The twenty purses for the Gifted exhibition are now complete, two weeks before the deadline! It’s been really fun but I am very glad to be finished so I can work on…

  • Crafts, Guides and Tutorials

    More gocco!

    I just posted up a bunch of photos showing the process of gocco printing if you’re interested. It’s by no means a tutorial but it should help you see how easy and…

  • Crafts

    How’s yourself?

    Sorry for the lack of posting. My time is still very much taken up with finishing off my collection of purses for the Gifted exhibition. I’ve only got one left to do…