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April 2011

  • Creative Work

    Fabric Winners

    It’s time to pick the winners! Thanks everyone who entered – there were lots of great questions. The main thing I learned is that I appear to be extremely content with my…

  • Creative Work, On-Demand News

    New Mugs

    I’ve been neglecting my Zazzle store terribly this year so I started making new stuff at the weekend and here are the first of many new designs, on mugs! I am planning…

  • Creative Work

    Fabric Giveaway Update

    Thanks everyone who has entered the fabric giveaway. I still have a couple of questions left to answer so I’ll be picking winners at the end of the week. I’ll leave the…

  • Japan

    Tokyo Shopping Updates

    You may not have noticed, but I’ve been beavering away in the background updating all my Tokyo Shopping Guide posts. All the shop pages are now updated with new information from last…

  • Me Me Me, News

    Easter Bunnies and Discounts!

    It’s Easter this weekend, which is one of my favourite holidays since it involves bunnies, chocolate and often some nice sunny weather too. One of the things keeping me going during my…

  • Creative Work

    More Fabric

    Here’s what that work in progress turned into. I ended up keeping the colours as they were, but I think this design has a lot of possible combinations! I also uploaded an…

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    Badges Badges Badges

    It’s been badge madness this year – getting them all remade professionally and redesigned and repackaged. It’s great to know I have them all on hand now and the only badges I…

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    Creative Work

    Fabric Doodling

    It’s been far too long since I designed new fabrics for Spoonflower, so I’ve been dabbling a bit now that my hand is almost healed. There are a few good themes coming…

  • Free Things!

    Fabric Giveaway 2011

    I may have spoken too soon about being back. While things are healing up nicely, it’s a lot slower than I hoped so I’m not getting nearly as much done as I…