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January 2013

  • Free Things!

    January Wallpapers

    I almost put this on my resolutions, but I thought I best wait until I had at least managed to do January. Now that I have (even if it is a wee…

  • Japan

    Japan Links #3

    Another round-up of interesting Japan stuff I’ve been bookmarking. First, check out this super kawaii hotel room Joanna at Maqaroon found! Based on those cute koala biscuits, you get to sleep on…

  • Creative Work

    End of year favourites

    Lacking a diskant to post on (or at least, anyone who would read it there), here are some of my favourite things of 2012. Not in any real order, and many of…

  • Me Me Me, Monthly Reviews

    Hello 2013

    I have yet to do anything momentous in 2013 but I did check into my Animal Crossing town for probably the last time (since the new one is out soon, yay!) to…