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I Still Love Maps


I mentioned previously that my ginormous bedroom is hilariously empty. This is the view from my bed in weird panorama format. I didn’t even need to tidy up because there is never anything there, except the occasional item of clothing on the radiator. Putting up those pictures on the right wall has made a big difference but now I need something for the enormous wall opposite my bed. Obviously, the answer is another big map so I went on the hunt and thought I’d share a few favourites.


I want a UK map and eBay has some beautiful originals including this amazing Industry & Communication map that shows local industries. I knew Tayside was famous for marmalade but who knew Paisley was a hub for gauze? Hours of fun guaranteed.


I’m also very fond of this average rainfall map. This seller has a mind-boggling selection of informative UK maps showing everything from poultry population and potato production to cardboard box industry employment and sea water temperature.


Sadly there is not much in the way of reproductions of old maps because they are, by definition, useless (but so interesting and nice to look at!). The awesome Stanfords in London have a few – this 1839 railway map is only a tenner and has route profiles along the edges showing the topography for various journeys.

Obviously, this is an impossible decision that I will put off for a bit longer.

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