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August Round Up

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And so my holiday month is over. This is a bit scrappy as I haven’t had much time and can’t remember much.

Fave 5 from the blog

New Stuff

Links I Loved

  • Eimear has a cute travel blog and just got back from Japan if you like trip reports as much as me.
  • Claire has been doing her bit for creatives who are quite happy not quitting their day job thank you very much, plus a great interview with Sally of Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes too.
  • Very happy to see Alice has revived Quaint Living and I enjoyed reading about her Iceland trip a lot.
  • I hardly ever look at the home tours on Design Sponge, but I love this round-up of floor plans drawn by the owners.
  • I was sad to hear that the Astronaut Wives Club TV show wasn’t great, but this article at the AV Club has me interested to see it anyway. I had no idea so many women tried to train as astronauts in the 60s. Make a TV show about that!


I have been flitting between many books this month and finishing nothing, plus catching up on my enormous backlog of Wanderlust travel magazines.

Unread books update: 1 down, 0 added, 12 to go.


Umm. I can’t remember anything I was watching before I went away. Might be time for another Netflix month.

What did Lovefilm send me?

Big Hero 6 which I loved, especially because I now get the whole Baymax craze. Also Testament of Youth, which was better than I expected though not as good as the original mini series.

How was your month?

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