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Planning For Japan: 1 Month to Go

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A few people said they’d like to know more about how I organise for a Japan trip so I’m sharing updates about what I’ve been doing. Read all the posts here. You can also read my Tokyo Shopping Guide online and buy my Japan zines.

What have I been doing since the last update?

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Building my itinerary
Now that my new Japan guide is finished (buy your copy here!), I’ve been using it to build my own detailed itinerary. I’m going to blog about that separately so you can see how best to use my guide for your trip, but you can see my Google map is growing fast. I even added a short stop-off in Kobe as I’d have to change trains there anyway and the station is right next to Kobe ropeway and herb garden, which I had previously crossed off my list. Glad I won’t miss out on seeing Herb Show 2016 halfway up a mountain.

Yes, I have started packing already. Or at least starting to throw things into a plastic crate in my bedroom. 3 weeks is quite a long time to be away so I need to figure out what I still need to buy, what I can get when I’m there and what I can bring and leave there. I’m also making a packing list, which includes all the things I can’t pack until the last day or two, to make sure I don’t forget them.

Writing a pre-holiday task list
I keep remembering all the random things that need to be done before I go, like getting a hair cut and exchanging currency. I also need to write and schedule in a ton of posts for Super Cute Kawaii to keep things running there while I’m gone. At the last count, I have 21 blog posts to write! My shop will need some updates too, and I’ll need to finish both May and June’s wallpapers. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me.

Looking out for events
I’m constantly checking all the Japan news blogs and social media (see my favourites) as any news of pop-up cafes, exhibitions, shopping events etc. are starting to match up with my dates. I’ll probably share a list of those just before I go.

It’s all getting very exciting!

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