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January 2017

  • sticker sheets
    Creative Work, News

    New Sticker Sheets

    I’ve been surprised at just how popular my little MOO sticker sheets have been so I decided to invest in some bigger and better stickers. These A6 sticker sheets have lots more…

  • helensburgh
    Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    It’s been quite a busy week with lots of new product deliveries and a lot of playing with my new iPad. More on both of those soon! Limited Time Shopping Offers 20% off everything…

  • garlands

    Printables & Freebies Update

    Since Payhip is working out well for digital sales, I’ve moved all my free digital files over too. You can download my free zines and free printables directly from my main shop and also…

  • bunny & panda stamps

    New Polymer Stamps

    I got a big restock of polymer stamps at the weekend including some new designs! I can never resist laying them all out like this – they look so nice together. I…

  • business cards
    Sales & Offers

    Weekend Wrap Up

    It’s been a bit of a boring week with nothing much exciting to do but at least my accounts are now finally up to date! Hopefully next week is more fun. I…

  • sticker sheet

    Shop News

    I’ve added a few slightly flawed Mt Fuji enamel pins to my sale if you’re looking to add to your pin collection. They’re just £2-3.50 depending on how noticeable the flaws are.…

  • cullen

    Christmas Holiday Walks

    We had some really lovely weather over Christmas which almost made up for the lack of snow. Here’s a few photos from our winter walks. Here I am as the new monarch…

  • rabi-dango
    Me Me Me

    My Favourite Christmas Presents

    I don’t know what happened this year but I got a lot of Christmas presents and they were all amazing. Here’s a few of my favourites. Look at this grumpy bunny! It’s…