Surprise Mail Swap

Stationery Swap With Kaila / Rainbowholic

I met up with Kaila (of Rainbowholic) in Tokyo and we swapped gift packages and journals. Here’s a look at what I received, plus Kaila shared videos of my package and journal page.

Kaila’s gift package

Look at all the cute things I got from Kaila! She knows I like Fuji and the purse will be great for a travel pouch. There’s also matcha-themed stickers and Milky/Peko-chan treats.

I was so happy to get some Whimsicute stickers by her friend Little Miss Paintbrush too. This Sentient Cafe set is the cutest thing – I’m sure I can never use them. The other set is yokai (weird ghosts/spirits). 

My gift package

It’s hard bringing gifts for a stationery/kawaii fan who lives in Japan – what can you possibly find? The UK does have a few things you can’t easily get in Japan so my box included Paperchase stationery, Gudetama chocolate from Tofu Cute and a few things from my own shop. You can see everything in Kaila’s unboxing video above. My box is up first but keep watching for more cute mail.

Journaling pages

One of the coolest things about meeting Kaila was getting to have a look at her famous journal! I love her journaling style, which is a mix of collaged memories and motivation. It was an honour to decorate a page using all the washi tape at Wrapple, and you can see it in the November flip through video (it’s on the 4th).

Kaila journal page

And here’s the page Kaila made in my Japan travel notebook. Such a nice souvenir!

You can read more about our meetup and see all the photos in my Day 7 Japan Trip recap.

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