Project Window Seat – Completed!

2020 is really turning out to be the year for completing old craft projects and now my window seat is finally finished too!

Window Seat

A quick recap: back in 2014, I asked my dad to make me a wooden window seat that I would top with a piece of foam covered in my fabric. He drew up some plans in November and finished making it for my birthday in March 2015.

I then painted it and filled it with out of season clothes. I ordered foam and a big piece of fabric and then I got stuck.

kawaii window seat

For the next 5 years, the fabric was just wrapped around the foam and I looked at it from my bed every day and tried to figure out how best to cover it. I eventually realised simple upholstery would work, inspired by this tutorial and my dad got a piece of wood cut for the base. And then I hit a ridiculous snag as I couldn’t get any staples to fit my ancient staple gun! So my dad brought one on his recent visit and we got it all done!

Window Seat

It definitely worked out better this way as it needed some pretty heavyweight staples and my hands and wrists are so weak. I didn’t take many photos of the process as we were figuring it out as we went along. Basically, we stapled along one long edge, lined up the sunflowers on the other edge (perfect pattern choice for that!) and made sure it was pulled tightly before stapling.

Window Seat

The ends were a bit more of a puzzle but I tried a few ways of folding and found a neat one that involved a bit of hand stitching – and then a lot more staples to keep everything in place. Luckily, the fuzziness of the fabric hides the stitches quite well.

Window Seat

It all went together really quickly and worked perfectly. It’s comfortable to sit on and doesn’t move around, though I could always add some straps around the lid if I end up using it a lot.

Window Seat

Doesn’t it look great?! I’m so happy to have this finally finished and it really adds a nice touch to my room, and some very necessary storage.

The fabric I used is a minky from Spoonflower printed with my Kawaii Sunflower Stripes in cream. It has a lovely soft feel, like a plush toy, and the colours haven’t faded at all sitting in bright sunlight.

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