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December 2021 Recap

Here’s a look back at what happened in December on my blog and social media.

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My favourite photos

  • Pretty sunset at the seafront
  • Sending Christmas mail
  • Cookie Cat badges that arrived too late!
  • A fresh new shopper bag for post drop offs

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This month’s blog posts

My posts on Super Cute Kawaii

Other Things I Wrote

I updated my Books, Comics & Zines I Read in 2021 for the last few months. I’m still on 50/52 books for my reading challenge and I might let myself fail. I could cram in a couple of comics but the ones I have, I don’t want to read just yet. I’m also enjoying my current book too much to switch to something shorter. I read a lot of long books this year so I won’t feel bad if I fail.

My Breath of the Wild tumblr is now complete and taking a break. However, I have already started again in Master Mode so will start sharing things again soon.

My end of year recap will be up tomorrow!

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