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Making Mini Paintings, Part 3

I’ve finished the 15 unique mini paintings for Asking For Trouble’s 15th anniversary and they’ll be available to buy soon. Here’s Part 1 & Part 2 of the process.

mini paintings

I actually forgot to take any more process photos but here are all the finished paintings! It was just a matter of using the tracing paper again to copy over the details and faces and draw them in. I also had a last minute wobble with one design and replaced it completely with a brand new Rainbow Ghost that is one of my favourites now.

rainbow ghost mini painting

A reminder of how tiny these are – just 6.5cm/2.5″! I definitely learned a lot making the paintings and if I do it again (big if!) I would probably do more with acrylic paint and brush before adding details with the Posca pens. It was fun though!

mini paintings

All 15 will be available to buy in my 15th anniversary shop update, planned for September 23rd.

I’ll have a shop preview post before then as there will also be 2 new wooden pins, a big badge restock and a seconds sale, plus I’m working on 2 new zines that may be available then or a little later. Newsletter subscribers will get first access so subscribe now if you want to grab your favourite painting.

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