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The previous dress being technically a prototype, I am now at work on the real thing, using one of my many pretty vintage pillowcases. Since at least one person was interested in the process, I am photographing each step and will do some kind of tutorial later in the week.

I hit a brick wall yesterday afternoon. After getting along swimmingly, I was about the hem the arm holes when my sewing machine completely refused to co-operate, snapping threads and attaching huge loops of thread all over the place. No problem, I thought as I changed the needle, took the bobbin parts out and cleaned all the dust out of the bobbin area. But no, it still wouldn’t work. I checked my manual and none of the suggested fixes were any good, considering I hadn’t changed tension or thread since the morning when it worked fine. I changed the needle back and still no good. And then I just let it go and had a break.

Later that evening, I did some Googling and found a page which suggested rethreading with a new bobbin and new spool of thread and making sure that I was beginning my sewing correctly. And you know, I read those simple rules (raise the presser foot and needle, pull the threads to the back, lower the presser foot, lower the needle onto the fabric, hold the thread while you sew the first stitches) and was aghast at how lazy I had gotten often missing out half these steps. Needless to say, I picked out a new set of thread/bobbin, rethreaded it all, did all the correct steps and it worked perfectly.

So, thanks sewing machine (and the interweb) for that important reminder to take a step back, tidy things up and take the time to do things properly. It even worked out much better as I actually had the perfect fawn thread to match my pillowcase which looks so much nicer than boring white.

I’ll be back this afternoon with a tiny but exciting shop update!

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