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One of the great things about quitting my day job is that finally I have some time to do those little jobs that never seem to move up your To Do list. Something as simple as knocking a few picture hooks in a wall becomes an enormous effort when you’ve been away at work all day. Two of the pictures above have been hung up there for months, the other three have been sitting on top of my record collection being sadly ignored. So last night I finally dug out the picture hooks and it took me all of ten minutes to hang the other three. This was helped by my top tip of the day – if you can’t be bothered going downstairs to look for the hammer, just use the head of a pair of pliers. Anyway, I am very pleased with this wall now. You’ll note I’ve cleverly left some space in the second row for two more prints. I’m sure it will not take me long to fill this.

Clockwise from left:
1. Screenprint by Elizabeth McLean who I was at Art School with. I swapped her a Ganger CD for this!
2. Windy Day by Ashley Goldberg,
3. For Sale pamphlet and 1 fraction of A Smell Of Sulphur In The Wind by Bill Drummond.
4. Hello May by Ashley Goldberg
5. Bunny woodcut by unknown artist, from Pinonya in the Moon, Kyoto.


Here is the wall above my bed.

From left to right:
1. Easy Pieces poster zine by Jon Jordan
2. Tokyo Bunny print by Belle & Boo
3. Screenprints by Deth P. Sun

Sitting on the headboard are Angel Bunny, pink face cleaning bunny and Muji bunny. They are having a whale of a time.

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