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Ribbon Box

It’s been a funny old week, so far. My friend was visiting for the weekend which involved much larks and late nights and thus I am not quite with it yet. I have been messing about with things though so hopefully something good will come of it. Above is my newly organised ribbons and trims box. Since my new batch of vintage ribbons arrived wound onto huge bits of card, I was inspired to finally sit down and wind all my various ribbons and trims into tidy rolls all nicely pinned, rather than a box of tangled mess. Now I can see exactly what I have and how much of it. It also fits beautifully into my new felt flower box from the charity shopping the other week. Hurrah! Will I ever use those cute bunny trims, I wonder?


I also seem to be spending a lot of time trekking to the Royal Mail delivery office for various reasons. I say ‘trek’ but it is only a 5 minute walk and at least gets me out of the house, even if just to walk through an industrial estate. Today, I had to pay some customs charges on my new charms which was a pain but still cheaper than ordering 5 charms at a time. I now have lots of new enamel ladybirds, butterflies and dragonflies (in two colours!) so the shop is being updated as we speak with lots of new vintage ribbon keyrings.

Handmade Stickers

I also tried out my new Xyron sticker maker, very quickly and am very pleased. I just cut out a cute bunny and then tried one of Nic’s newly arrived Etsuko faces and both worked really well. I’m sure the fruits of my further experimentation will end up on some washi covered notebooks soon enough.

And, finally, I have had a breakthrough with the crochet, felt and buttons I was fiddling with the other day. I tried tea staining some pieces which turned out to be the missing link so things are coming along nicely now. I hope to have something to show you soon!

Do also note that I am updating my little Etsy shop every day with one new item and most are exclusive to Etsy. It’s a bit of a longwinded way of doing things but, on the bright side, you have something new to look at every day.


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