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Resolutions, and zines!

I did make my resolutions at the beginning of the year but it has taken me ages to post them up. I have been super busy with work and orders so far (including that gift above) which is a nice suprise, but means I have no time for making all the new stuff I have planned, booo.

Anyway, here they are:

1. Stay out of full-time employment as long as possible but at least until March 1st so I can have made it for a year!

2. Re-organise my shops and freelance site to get more sales/work opportunities. Pimp my design skillz a bit more.

3. Make at least 5 zines, 2 of which should involve some form of hand printing. I already have 3 half written so this should be easy.

4. Design 12 new fabric patterns, regardless of whether I get them printed.

5. Try out other forms of printing so as not to rely on gocco too much.

6. Re-start my Oddments blog in a more easily updateable way.

I will also post about my progress here. You will note they are all creative/professional resolutions and all ones that I actually want to do. Makes them much easier to keep! I’m also very aware that you never know how your situation may change in a year making some things irrelevant or impossible.

For #3, I would like to open this out in a CHALLENGE. I have been making zines since I was 16 and am something of a zine evangelist. There is nothing like holding a finished zine in your hand and nothing like getting zines in the post.

So, I would like to challenge YOU to make a zine. It can be photocopied or hand printed, it can be words or pictures or both. The best zines are documentary of something important to you and inspirational to others (a trip, a place, a project). If you want some ideas, check out the Zines category on Etsy.

In particular, I would like to challenge the following folks as I would LOVE to read, or look at, a zine they would make.

– Alice of Peapods
– Jen of Hello Jenuine
– Elise of Argyle Whale
– Kim of Madness of Many

There are other people too but I don’t know them well enough to throw challenges in their faces. If you would like to join in, just add a comment and blog about your progress. I will trade you any of my zines in return for yours. If anyone would like some tips on zine making I am happy to oblige, though the best thing about zine making is that there are no rules.

Now I must finish all these websites so I can get on to zine making.


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