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What did I do today?

Toblerone shortbread bunny

Because I didn’t do Day in the Life.

Me and Catherine were talking the other day about Smug Bloggers. You know, the ones with the picture perfect lifestyle who are always baking perfect cakes and going vintage shopping and playing with their cats and then sewing a pretty hat from some scraps before bedtime. Some days these blogs are inspiring and other days you just really want to go round their house and see how they really live.

So, this is what I actually got up to today, in a vaguely correct order. This is a not-untypical day for me at the moment, though with more baking than usual.

Did my daily internet check

I have all the links along the top of Firefox so each morning goes cmd+T click! cmd+T click! until I can check through blog stats, shop stats/orders, forums, Flickr, Facebook, Project Wonderful etc. There was nothing of interest whatsoever. Luckily Twitter was more fun as Popjustice had just started the day’s episode of IN THE MAIL.

Upgraded WordPress

Ooh, the fun. Best part is, I have to do it on 3 blogs. It basically involves a lot of deleting files and overwriting files and deactivating things and discovering stuff isn’t compatible and getting totally bored. I did Super Cute Kawaii first with no problems, then this blog which went ten times faster (yay United Hosting!) which went fine and then got blase and did diskant which promptly broke and became inaccessible. Oops. Luckily, someone had already written a plugin to fix this issue so I installed that and all was well. Thanks random awesome coder! New WordPress is all crazy buttons and stuff but definitely better.

Opened my mail

One whole piece of post, which was some extra photo prints from Photobox. Discovered I or they had totally messed up the SCK flyers, though they are kind of okay if you just use the middle part.

Did the washing up

Yeah, this was fun. Also discussed our leaky bathroom tap and whether we should get something done about our windows, which are rubbish.

Baked some Toblerone shortbread bunnies

Um, so the other day, I was trying to find a box of cassettes and instead found half of a giant Toblerone I was given by a workmate in December 2007! Oh dear. It was all wrapped up and looked fine so I figured baking would be the best thing to do with it. So I made some shortbread dough and then folded in some chopped up Toblerone, cut out some bunnies and baked them. And they’re totally awesome! I recommend you try this with any random chocolate you have hanging about in your house. Sadly I own nothing that could be used to decorate the bunny biscuits.

Worked on some freelance projects

Involved drawing a unicorn and answering a bunch of emails. Also, submitting a proposal for a project I got asked to bid on. Oh, and swithering about whether to email a journalist after a tip off and eventually deciding why the hell not.

Updated Etsy and Folksy

I’m adding my heart photo cards for extra Valentine’s Day fun.

Joined Name That Food!

Excellent new Flickr group by Maki, whereby you can post photos of unidentifiable foods and everyone will take a guess. I posted our tasty but weird appetisers from Japan and people are making very intelligent guesses.

Ate some stew

I made this yesterday. It has dumplings and is thus marvellous.

Played Picross

Still obsessed. I wanted to unlock the next stage in Free Play which meant completing about 6 more puzzles. Free Play is when they don’t tell you if you made a mistake, as in you are free to completely mess it up. I’m not sure which I prefer – getting a time penalty for accidentally touching a square I didn’t mean to, or getting 3/4 through  a puzzle and finding out something doesn’t match up. That doesn’t happen too often now and I unlocked a stage where all the images are from books! Best level ever!

Watched 24

I’m on Season 4. It’s still ridiculous.

Caught up on lots of blog reading

Also deleted some blogs I always skim through, and added a few more instead.

Things I didn’t do:

– leave the house
– get any shop orders
– make anything non-computery
– listen to any music, at all



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