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I have been putting off printing up another batch of Cakeify felt brooches because I only had a couple of bits of felt in the right colour and thus I was convinced I would mess it up somehow. Luckily that didn’t happen, and I also printed a bunch of other stuff at the same time including some more notebooks to colour in. I then got a stack of little cards from my huge stash of ‘vintage’ print stock and kept going to see how long the ink would last. I managed 50 before I got bored of it. They are little cards, just a bit bigger than business cards, so I’m not sure what I will do with them but they are cute! Actually, I have just thought of something, ooh.

I thought I’d take some photos so you can see just how awesome my crafting setup is. Yeah, I am just drying stuff by putting it on the end of my bed. All you people with your basement studios and spare rooms – I hate you.

cakeify blue

I also got the first of two rubber stamps I ordered. This one features the whole gang and I have a few ideas coming together in my head. Mostly I am just stamping them on anything in every colour I have to see what it looks like. Very surprised at how great they look in blue, which is possibly the last colour you would pick for food.

It’s probably the printmaking degree, but I am a total snob about hand printing now. I’ve yet to see a digital print that wouldn’t be more interesting as a hand pulled print. Hand printed images just have so much more character – you can see where the registration was a bit off, or a flaw in the paper made something weird happen to the line, and try and figure out what order the colours were printed. Digital printing just seems too easy and clean, and any flaws almost always make the image worse. There was a nice introduction to the various printing techniques on Etsy today – it’s worth a read! Feel free to argue with me if you like – I know digital prints are incredibly popular these days (and we feature them a lot on Super Cute Kawaii).

Anyway, tomorrow looks like being a day of sewing Cakeify brooches, colouring in Cakeify notebooks and playing with rubber stamps. Yay! Oh, and I get my rubber stamps made here – they are always perfect and super-fast, and you always get 10% off your next order.

cakeify stamp


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