Bread Slice

So, it’s been a whie since I blogged. I do apologise. I’ve had a bit of a cold and the weather has been miserable so I haven’t had anything much exciting to tell you (as you may have guessed from last post about postage).

Anyway, I haven’t been wasting my time entirely as it apparently prototyping season. I’m never sure if I like prototyping or not. Getting to make a mess and research new supplies is always fun – wasting money on rubbish supplies and watching the pile of unsaleable stuff is not so much fun. Little bread slice above is one of the good things, providing my final supplies arrive soon.


Jammie Dodger was one of the wastefuls. What works great in small scale doesn’t always work out when you make it big. Fabric pens have to be the most useless things in the universe – actual pens meant for fabric are always really expensive and really weak in colour. I have thus been experimenting with a whole bizarre range of pens with varying results. I am almost there.

cakeify bag

I also spent quite a time embroidering Cakeify on to a little drawstring bag for my mum’s birthday. Isn’t he cute? Gocco printers may be interested to hear that if you print on cotton with paper ink, not only does it work but it doesn’t wash out if you put it through the washing machine without heat setting it. Yeah, I was surprised too, and not in a good way.


And finally, a struggle with my button screen, which always seems to get blocked up somewhere, every time I bring it out for reprinting. I did get a couple of notebooks out of it but it generally wasn’t playing so instead I printed on a bunch of little postcards. More on these soon. I promise not to leave you for so long again.

Gocco printing

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