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Fruity Progression

cutie fruity

The cutie fruity friends (yes, that is going to be their name) are progressing from their sketchbook doodles! These are the four that ended up working best and will soon be a badge set. I hope I picked your favourite – mine is definitely the happy orange though I also love how the watermelon looks like she is nervously freaking out.

To get to this point, I basically just scan the drawings, take them into Photoshop and fiddle about with Levels and things until the lines are nice and clear. Then I tidy up any messy bits and colour them in. I like to colour in a watercolour wash kinda way so I don’t worry too much about being neat. I also have the super-steady mouse hand of someone who has spent about ten years laboriously photoshopping images for the web. Once that’s done, they’re ready for my badge templates which I have set up in Illustrator ready for printing.


Later on I will redraw all the characters in Illustrator for other stationery items. I love the sketchy charm of the originals but the lines are generally too rough to be used for anything bigger than a badge. You can see this with Cakeify above. Sketch on the left and redrawn on the right. I’ve lost a little of the character of the original but it’s also much neater and clearer.

Now comes the tedious part of cutting out circles and making and packaging the badges. Hopefully I will be back very soon with the finished badges!

PS. Surprised at the love for Cactus Bear in the last post comments. He was a total joke doodle but who knows what may become of him now?

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