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Cakeify & Friends mug

All my new things arrived at once so I’ve been a busy bee, getting it all photographed and listed so you can see!

The Cakeify & Friends mugs I showed you before are now heat set and ready for purchase. They promise to be dishwasher friendly but I’ve got Emma Showpony stress testing one to be sure so I will let you know when she reports back. It took me ages to find suitable mugs for this but I’m very happy with them – they’re nice and big and sturdy.

Forest Friends card set

I know everyone thinks the latest thing they’ve made is their favourite but my new card set might be my actual favourite ever (except for my button fabric and maybe my Cakeify brooches and my bunny acrylic brooches and…). I just love how simple and sweet they are. You can pick them up in a set of three and you’ll have a cute card for every occasion!


And if this is all getting too cute, then how about some Vintage Flower sticky notes?

All this and more is in my shop right now! Take a look >>

I’ll be back with some non-product stuff soon, promise! I have such a backlog of things I want to blog about and no time, sob.

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