I still love my gocco

Winter! You’re annoying! I’ve been doing a whole lot of gocco printing lately but even at 2pm there’s not enough light to take any photos of the process. Boooo. The results of my printing will have to wait but I can’t believe I have never shown you my Cakeify paper bags! Unless you bought something off me in the last few months, in which case you probably got one. If not, here is a rubbish photo. I made a batch of these last year and have been using them to wrap up orders and delight my craft fair customers. I printed another 200 at the weekend and it was very tedious but it’s all worth it in the end.

While I was ill I did a bunch of supplies shopping (most eBay, fact fans) and was amused to discover I had accidentally ordered tiny paper bags instead of the big ones. These are a mere 5″ square but perfect for badge sets and sticky note pads. Obviously I had to stamp these too, because I am insane. They’re done with a rubber stamp I had made ages ago.

And if I can’t show you anything new I have printed, at least I can tell you that Cakeify gocco notebooks, vintage button badge sets and gocco book hearts are now all fully stocked again – yay!

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