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Two new zines!


After last year’s no-zine disaster, I can hardly believe I’ve managed to get two completed during the first two months of 2010 – yay me!

The first one is about my trip to Thailand two Summers ago to visit Claire – you can read all about our obsessions with Mr Bun and frosty ice drinks, the endless heat, our jaunt to the Rabbit Resort in Pattaya and the odd daytrip we spent in the company of James Bond. There’s also a bonus 2 page shopping guide of all the kawaii shops we visited (and yes, I’ll be updating the sadly-neglected online version I started too).

While I was in the zine making mindset, I went through all my collected writings and picked out some fun things for a new zine called Oddments. Long time readers will remember the blog I had of the same name which I stopped updating when I got confused about what I was doing with it. Zines seem a much better way of collecting together my various things and stories so this is a beginning. I have many more planned, but we shall see how it goes. Anyway, it has Nintendo DS game reviews, a slightly mental diary I wrote when I played the two Tamagotchi Corner Shop games, a few of my favourite books about Japan, some drawings and even the recipe for Soup of Awesome which I mention fairly regularly. Now you can make it too! Some of the content has been published on this blog (eg. the iPhone apps and What I Wore Today drawings) but there should be plenty new things for everyone.

You can find both these zines in my all new upgraded Zines and Records section, alongside my Tokyo zines, the Asking For Trouble 7″ box set and a few other fun things. I’m also selling copies of the new zine by Katy of Girl Industries. It’s called Answers on a Postcard and features snippets of interviews from lots of awesome crafty types that Katy interviewed, as well as her own bits and pieces. This issue is centered on craft book reviews and is a mighty good read – there’s a new issue out every month so why not subscribe?

And finally, I plan to expand the zine section over the coming months so if you write a cool zine, or have read any good ones lately, especially about travel, Japan, crafts and music then please do let me know.


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