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New Spoonflower Fabrics

Vintage Buttons fabrics

Lucky for me, the world has seemingly organised itself to make sure all my exciting orders arrive in time for my birthday (which is tomorrow, fact fans). The latest excitement to arrive is my batch of new fabric swatches from Spoonflower. They all came out perfectly – the trouble I went to with the the safe colour palette was definitely worth it and I’ll do a separate post about that. Anyway, let’s see!

Two new colourways of my vintage button prints; one is the grey I started with for my shoes and the other is candy colours, which I love so much.

I also did a red version, which has been requested a few times. What I didn’t realise was that the previous button print was much smaller – the blue on the right is my original fabric. I’ll probably have to do a bigger blue version next time to even it out.

I also did a new colourway of Prettify, in blue, red and green. Original on the right.

Kawaii Fabrics

Okay, now for the new designs!

Me and my scalloped edges. The Cutie Fruity Friends design is WAY out of my comfort zone – I would never normally use those colours, but I really like the finished fabric – would look amazing on oilcloth for a kitchen tablecloth. The Cakeify one is more my personal style – it’s a sugary sweet teatime print.

And finally, a bright Cakeify and Friends square repeat. Square prints are awesome for beginner sewers as it’s much easier to cut and sew things straight! And on the right is my safe colour palette which meant pretty much all my colours came out as expected – hurray! Like I said, I’ll be posting more about that later in the week and you can use the files yourself if you like.

I also got 4 other designs printed which are secret just now. I need to do some sewing first and then I’ll let you see. Even if it’s a disaster :)

If you like any of these fabrics you can buy them right now from my Spoonflower shop – there are more photos on Flickr if you want to see the details. I’m quite tempted to buy a load of the candy coloured buttons and Cakeifys and make a reversible duvet cover. Which are your favourites?

Psst! There just might be something exciting happening here tomorrow (my birthday! etc.) so check back.


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