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Project Clearout Weekend

My mum came for a visit this weekend and helped me with Project Clearout. After a couple of hard working days I can now see my bedroom carpet again and open my door all the way – woo! Finding stuff to get rid of is never my problem – it’s getting it out of the house. Pretty tricky when you’re a small weak-armed person who lives three floors up in the East End and relies on public transport. So we made lots of trips to charity shops and one massive trip to the dump where I got to literally throw out piles of empty boxes that we have been collecting under the stairs for 5 years. It was very satisfying.

Goodbye typewriter!

She also took away my old unused manual camera and my dear old portable typewriter. I wrote all my early zines on that! But obviously it gets no use these days so hopefully it will find a new home with someone who will love it.

Of course, we managed to do some actual fun things too – I made pizza for pizza and Ponyo night, and my mum made Nasi Goreng. We went to the Botanic Gardens for a wander and got cute cupcakes from Cup – we tried the Lemon Meringue and Chocolate Peanut Butter. And then I returned to an enormous inbox – eek! I’m catching up slowly. (Food photos are by my mum.)

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