Asking For Things

I recently did something I’ve meant to do for ages – close up the Asking For Trouble record label sub-site and pull the best bits into my main site. As you maybe know, this whole business started out as a way to release an awesome excitingly-packaged double 7″ box set. Eventually I realised this was all way to expensive and time-consuming and sewing brooches and printing cards would be a better use of my time and money. And now here I am!

Anyway, I finished that task this evening (while waiting for someone who was very late). There’s a little intro to the label but most excitingly, I have pulled over the Asking For Things blog where people who’d bought the record describe what random found object they’d discovered in their box sets. These items were collected by members of Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element and myself, and range from the baffling to the awesome, including some cool things from Japan as Simon P went there often for work. I didn’t even own a digital camera at the time so I drew mine (the coin above). I recommend giving it a read.

If you ever bought a copy of the record I would love to hear what you got – just email me and I will add it to the list. And there are still a few copies left in the shop. I just packaged up the last ones a few weeks ago and there’s still some cool stuff to be found!

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