I really can’t believe there is no-one on the internet making ghoasters – someone, please, take that idea and do something awesome with it. I’m not sure I will actually use these as coasters but the name was too good to waste. As suspected last time, I have run out of black beads, and no shop in Glasgow has any (I tried 5) so I’m waiting for the postman before I can finish my Arecibo.

Instead, I have been using up some of the other colours I have left, and decided I really needed the ghost from Link’s Awakening. It’s one of my favourite gaming moments – this ghost turns up and follows you around looking depressed until you take him to see his old abandoned house and then back to his grave. MORBID, but also adorable. I went for the happy version, seen above in a photo taken by the photographer they added into the colour version of the game.

Since my colour options were not enormous, I made an ice ghost and a fire ghost. I have to say, I’m impressed that I’ve used almost my whole tub of perler beads and not made a single saleable thing. It’s like an actual hobby.

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