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Announcing…my 5 Year Kawaii Diary!

Asking For Trouble 5 Year Diary

Finally, I can spill the beans on my secret project – it’s a 5 year diary! Also called memory books, the idea is you record your daily doings and thoughts every day throughout 2012, then turn back to January 1st and do it all again. As you go, you get to compare your days each year and see what stays the same and what changes. I’ve been using a prototype since July and I’ve had no trouble remembering to jot down a few things every day – it only takes a couple of minutes.

Of course, each page is decorated with my characters and there are also profile pages for each year so you can note your location, occupation, interests etc. and compare those over the years. I’m sure that will be fairly embarrassing to look back on.

Asking For Trouble 5 Year Diary

Anyway, I’m now taking pre-orders for Christmas. If you head over to my shop, you can buy copies which will be guaranteed to arrive for Christmas, providing there aren’t any volcano/strike/doom situations. I’ll also have a few copies available later for immediate shipping and plenty copies for delivery late December.

You can see more photos on my shop and Flickr, but rest assured it’s a quality product. Unlike mass market 5 year journals, the dates are already filled in so you can get started straight away, and the sticker is removable so it’s not obvious it’s a diary.

I hope you like it! It’s been a huge job but I’m really pleased with it.

Asking For Trouble 5 Year Diary

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