Christmas Cards

Christmas cards

It’s a point of honour that however busy I am, I still make my own personal Christmas cards. This year, I thought I was well organised, having found a stack of Angel Bunny Christmas tree photos while tidying up. It was only after making ten that I realised that was all there was and the rest were photos I’d used before. So I sent those to my biggest Angel Bunny fans and got on with Plan B.

I’m really pleased with Plan B – I cut out cookie ornaments from the postcards and hung them from a cut in the top of the card. Cute card and you have an ornament to keep too.

Christmas cards

Even better, you can remove it now and there’s another little gingerbread man underneath. I just printed those on my inkjet printer.

I think I might have to make some more of these next year for the shop. What do you think?

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