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Wet Weekend


Me and Claire went Up North at the weekend for the Boat Festival in Portsoy. The weather was pretty dire but we still had fun. Above are some of the few boats we saw – I’m not sure where the rest were. You can see some of the folks taking part in the rowing race there. Pretty hardcore in that weather.

Old milk bottles

We also enjoyed the Portosy Past & Present shop full of interesting old things from the community, like these milk bottles, entering all the tombolas, looking round the Salmon Bothy, seeking out the 2 stalls in the craft fair marquees that actually had nice things for sale and trying not to get run over by the tiny bus.

Vintage Placemats & Napkins

We also took a trip over to Buckie, where I found this lovely boxed set of vintage placemats and napkins for a mere £3.95! I love the colours and will definitely be borrowing them for one of my own projects. And we popped into Baxters to eat scones and look at the vintage packaging.


The best thing about festivals is always the food. I got lots of local delicacies including butteries, Moray Cup and tablet, while the folks in the Ice Cream Shop made us try Fisherman’s Friend ice cream. It was quite odd. The food tent also continued its descent into Irn Bru madness with Irn Bru cheesecake and even Irn Bru sausages. No thanks.

Anyway, it’s always fun to get away, even if we arrived back in Glasgow to lovely sunny weather, bah! Thanks to Claire for driving all the way and my parents for putting us up and buying us cake. There’s a few more photos on my Flickr, if you’re interested.

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