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Next Time in Japan

As promised, here is my new zine which I just picked up from the printers in a monsoon. It’s called Next Time in Japan and is all about the things I want to do on my next trip. While that probably won’t be for at least another year, that certainly doesn’t stop me making plans. I have a whole folder in Evernote for travel ideas and I thought I’d share my favourites. Think of it as a new shopping guide for places I haven’t actually been to yet.

The whole zine is in colour and has text and doodles for each place. They include eating Bunny-san curry at the Usagito bunny cafe, visiting the new Sky Tree, stuffing my face at a cake buffet and making my own custom noodles at the Instant Ramen Museum.

Printed copies are in my shop now and you can also download a PDF version from Pushpin Zines. I hope you like it!

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