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I loved this post from Deth P. Sun about all the pens he uses so I thought I’d share too. I don’t actually use a pencil case though since I’m usually at home. A warning – this may be super boring if you don’t like pens.

tokyo sea life park pen/pencil

This is what I carry around in my bag because it’s a pen and a pencil at the same time! MINDBLOWING. Basically, you turn it one way for the pen and the other way for a mechanical pencil. It also has an eraser on the top and a cute Ocean Sunfish charm. The design has rubbed off a lot but I got it at the Tokyo Sea Life park in 2008 and it’s still going strong. I love that I can write lists and draw with the same thing. I have never seen another pen like this, but luckily my sister gave me hers so now I have a spare should anything happen to it. Phew.


One of my own Cakeify pens is my everyday pen. They’re really good pens! I use this for making lists, writing notes and scribbling weights on your packages before doing the online postage. It can get a bit confusing when someone also orders a pen. It’s been a close thing, sending someone my own pen. The grey one is for writing addresses on any packages that can go with a stamp. I like these so much, I have the same pen in pink and a weird sandy colour. They’re Pentel Sign Pens – nice felt tips, not too thick.


These three pens I use for drawing on my Mini Bags.Yes, they’re individually hand-drawn. The black is a laundry pen and great for drawing on fabric. The brown pen is some weird Japanese pen I bought in the art shop and is perfect. I don’t know what it’s really for (watercolours, probably) but it draws really nice. The red one is a thin permanent marker – it bleeds a little but it’s the best option I’ve found so far. I wonder if Artist Sketching Pen comes in red?


For drawing, I almost always use a pencil, but I don’t have any favourites. These are the current ones – the top two I took home from my old job, I think. The Pi pencil is from Present and Correct (check that link as it’s a set and they’re all great). The bottom one is a chinagraph pencil – they’re a bit like oil pastels except in a handy pencil form. I really like them for bigger drawings, plus it’s super fun unwinding the paper when you need more pencil.

coloured pencils

These are my coloured pencils. I like Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils. I keep them in an old Caran D’Ache tin because it’s pretty. If any Caran D’Ache fans have a cool Faber-Castell tin I might swap you.


I was taught to sharpen my pencils with a knife and thus I spit on pencil sharpeners.

And on that contentious note, I’m done. What do you use? Even if you don’t draw and just make lists, I would love to see what pens you use regularly. Go blog!


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