London Shopping


I purposely didn’t plan too much for London, because I wanted to do some shopping! I always seem to run out of time to visit Uniqlo and this time I was making sure I got there! Lucky I did as they had new collaborations with Jonathan Adler and Vera Bradley that are pretty much amazing all round. I had a hard job deciding what to get, but they were so affordable and my wardrobe is pretty empty after my pre-move clearout that I let myself go a bit mad. I ended up with these three, plus a super-comfy t-shirt dress and a silver belt! I really wish Uniqlo would open a branch outside of London, preferably in Glasgow.


I almost didn’t make it to the home stores on Tottenham Court Road, thanks to mega tiredness and tube strikes, but I managed a quick run around Heals and Habitat. I couldn’t resist the tiny yellow jug from Habitat – it would be adorable as a tiny vase, but I do actually have a need for a tiny jug so it will be used. I quite fancy the grey one too – I will have to keep an eye out for a sale.


I also made it along to the relocated Japancentre, which is always a treat. I managed to resist the Japanese fashion magazines and super cute bear bowls and instead got some Yuzu salad dressing, which is so good, and soy sauce and curry rice crackers.

I think we can all be impressed by how light I packed that I could buy twice as much clothes as I brought and also fit in 2 big bags of rice crackers that stayed unbroken all the way back to Scotland.

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