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cookie cute

I’ve been promising a redesign of my Cookie Cute gift wrap since I sold the last sheets at Christmas, and I finally had time to work on it this weekend. I thought I’d share a bit of the process for anyone who’s interested.

cookie cute old

Here’s the original design. The scale was too big, it didn’t have a proper repeat that I could use for other products and I wanted to take out the animals.

cookie cute 1

This is my first attempt. I ended up just keeping the gingerbread boy and girl (and a few bitten cookies randomly dotted about for a surprise) plus the heart and star. I made the repeat a simple stripe with an extra zig zag for interest, plus the striped background changed colour a bit. I was initially happy with this, but when I printed it out I realised everything was too crammed together.

cookie cute both

I made the hearts and stars smaller, which made a huge difference, as you can see. Much better!

cookie cute comparison

Being me, I now decided I wanted to make some changes to the actual characters. I should really have done this before I spent ages creating a repeating pattern, but that’s why my business name is Asking For Trouble. Can you spot the differences? The new ones are at the top and the old ones at the bottom. This sort of refining of characters goes on a lot with me as I either learn new tricks, or fix things I didn’t notice in the initial excitement of creating something new. For example, the icing outlines in the originals are in a very light grey instead of white, because I must have clicked on the wrong colour!


And here’s the finished design! Now I just need to send it to the printers, wait a few weeks and hope it all prints as expected. What do you think?

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