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satellites of the solar system

A few people I follow are doing #bookaday, where they’re writing about or photographing books that match daily prompts. I was keen to join in but the prompt list didn’t really inspire me as I was looking for a photo project. Since I read so much on my Kindle and ditched so many of my books when moving, I wanted to do something to celebrate the ones I kept. So I’m making up my own prompts. Above is my most recent purchase, which I bought entirely for the cover.

I’m posting the daily pics on Instagram and Flickr if you want to follow along. I’ll probably collect them all into a free zine at the end of the month, and maybe I’ll answer the original prompts then too. If you want to copy my prompts, feel free and if you’re doing either, let me know in the comments so I can find out about your favourite books.

The smallest book I own, next to some of the runners-up. It's The Psychic Soviet by Ian Svenonius.

The smallest book I own.

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