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vervaco kits

Now that I’ve finished my tapestry, my mind is obviously turning to what I want to make next! I have a couple of my own things I want to stitch up but here’s a few things on my wish list, starting with another Vervaco long stitch cushion. These are all amazing.


I think Blackwork is next on my list of crafts to try and Pardalote’s Solar System pattern would be a great place to start. She has an awesome Tumblr too, if you like embroidery and stitching.


I’ve had one of Dandelyne‘s amazing tiny hoop necklace kits on my wish list for ages now. She sells them as different sizes for pendants, brooches and keyrings and you can either stitch your own, choose a pattern or get something custom stitched for you. The hardest thing would be deciding what to put in it, but it would be so nice to have something wearable.


My embroidery skills could probably do with some practice first, so I was interested in this colour wheel sampler by Dropcloth, which I saw on Hugs Are Fun. Lots of things to try out and the colour wheel idea is cool.

kiriko press

Maybe after that, I’d be able to tackle one of the cute animal kits at Kiriki Press. This bear is definitely my favourite but there’s foxes, owls and sloths too!

sake puppets

Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery style I’ve also been interested in. Sake Puppets has lots of patterns, including this handy starter sampler.

the mint house

I’ve still not quite warmed to cross stitch but The Mint House has such amazing designs, I sometimes feel like giving them a go. This animal stamp set is especially fun, though he also has DIY watches!

wooli mochi

And finally, a bunny! Five years ago, I’d have laughed in your face if you’d suggested I would like to do some needle felting, but Japan has led the way and made it much cuter. I really want this sad bunny with some incongruous sandwiches from WooliMochi. Is he sad because he ate your sandwiches? Did he make you sandwiches to apologise for something bad? Did you just tell him he can’t have any sandwiches? I need to know! There are also some super cute tutorials at Maqaroon’s YouTube channel.

Well, now you all know what to buy me for Christmas, and if you see anything else I would like please share!


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