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Spoonflower Gift Wrap

Fruit Bowl gift wrap from Spoonflower

The postman handed me a giant tube recently, which contained a roll of my Spoonflower gift wrap! I ordered this on Free Shipping Day as otherwise it’s not really cost-effective. I’ve been wanting to see what it looks like so this was a good chance. After a lot of thought, I went for my Fruit Bowl design.

Fruit Bowl gift wrap from Spoonflower

It was so well packaged that I actually had a lot of trouble opening it as the plastic tube ends were stapled on and my pathetically weak RSI hands were barely up to the job. I did get it open eventually and everything was perfect.

I went with a matte finish for a change, which looks and feels nice, though it does also seem a little boring with this colourful design – I would probably recommend the gloss finish for the colourful stuff and matte for more muted colours. The paper is good quality too, but not quite as nice as my own gift wrap. It’s also a bit less professional as there’s some weird stretching at the very edges and a border with print details (like a selvedge!) at the bottom. It’s not really a big deal though, unless you were planning on selling it in bulk.

spoonflower gift wrap

The colour printing was pretty accurate to my design, and to the printed fabric I’ve ordered previously (the photo above is probably the most accurate, colour-wise). Since they use the same printers as they use to print the fabric, it definitely looks similar, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on the design. For something detailed like my kawaii characters, it does look a little fuzzy close up.

Fruit Bowl gift wrap from Spoonflower

Overall, I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the US as it’s not really more expensive than buying gift wrap direct from me, and you get to choose from 49 of my designs! Outside the US, the shipping and quality make my own wrap a better deal, unless you really want a specific design.

Have you ordered Spoonflower gift wrap, or the wallpaper? Any thoughts?

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