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Today's #ctmonthinthelife vignette - things I've designed that I use all the time! @zazzle bunny squares laptop case, 5 A Day tote bag, vintage buttons Keds, prototype coin purse, @denydesigns sun coaster, Zazzle planet wallet, @society6 cupcake iPhone ca

I always take a few weeks off in August because it’s generally quiet, hopefully sunny and a good opportunity to work on some projects before all the Christmas madness kicks off. So what have I been doing?


I’m still posting a photo a day as part of this challenge. It’s been really interesting for me, to think about all these random aspects of my business – above are things I’ve designed that I use every day, for Vignette. I thought I might have to skip some when I was Up North, but the prompts aligned perfectly so I got to do rest, view, photography and customer! There’s still a few days left, if you want to follow me on Instagram and see.


Updating the website!

Did you notice? Probably not, because the new shop looks almost exactly like the old shop! It does work better on mobile devices and it has some fun new features, like the reviews and ratings. I’m still fiddling with things so let me know if you spot anything wonky.

Test copy just arrived and fits today's #ctmonthinthelife. My favourite thing to design every year is a new 5 Year Diary. The next one is space-themed and will be available in September!

5 Year Diaries

Next year’s 5 Year Diaries are all finished and will be available for pre-order next month. I’m just waiting for the spiral bound test copies to arrive and then I can take lots of photos!

Today's #ctmonthinthelife topic is photography. We've been taking pics of a Japanese Happy Kitchen mini cake kit for a Super Cute Kawaii review. Action shot by @billy49er!

Making a tiny cake

I brought this tiny Japanese cake kit with me so I could use my parents’ microwave. It was really fun to do and actually tasted okay too. You can read my review at Super Cute Kawaii! I’ve also been redesigning the SCK site so look out for that on Monday.


Hunting Tarantulas

This is pretty much my achievement of the year. I didn’t manage to catch a tarantula in Animal Crossing last summer, partly because I didn’t play much post-hospital, but mainly because they only come out late at night and are terrifying and if they see you they run over and bite you until you faint! I was determined to catch one this year though, as it’s the last bug I needed. I even set my game forward 4 hours so I wouldn’t be tired playing at 2am and I finally got one! Now I just need a spiny lobster and a few paintings and my museum will be complete. Despite all this, I still like spiders in real life. PS. If you read my Bunny Day in the Life, you’ll be glad to hear I now have THREE BUNNIES living in my town. And yes, we are still posting away at Quincy & Usagi.

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