5 Year Diaries now available for pre-order!

5 Year Diary - 2015-2019

It’s time! While the spiral-bound diaries have been available on-demand for a few weeks (and thank you for your orders!), now I’m starting pre-orders for the standard paperback diary. This edition is a little smaller (about the size of a standard paperback book), and more affordable at £12.


As requested, it features my new Solar System characters with one decorating each month (except November, where Neptune grumpily shares with Pluto). It’s my favourite one yet and I have been sorely tempted to switch diaries a year early! I’m really enjoying looking back on my days though so I will stick it out until I complete it next year.

5 Year Diary - 2015-2019

Anyway, pre-orders are open NOW. Get your orders in by November 16th and they’ll be shipped on or before December 1st arriving in all countries before Christmas. A further pre-order will then be available for New Year delivery everywhere and for Christmas in the UK.

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