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Blossom Hunting


Having the flu is rubbish any time, but especially when there’s blue skies outside and everyone is posting blossom photos and you haven’t had the energy to wander further than the supermarket and the postbox. I felt up to a longer walk this weekend and luckily the blossoms are still out.


The streets further away from the seafront are always incredibly quiet – most only have pavements on one side of the road and everyone has such lovely gardens. I always end up walking really slowly and having a good look up the driveways.


Someone very kindly planted some pink blossomed trees right across from my flat – thank you unknown town landscaper!

Hermitage Park

I keep forgetting that we have a lovely park in the town centre town as I always walk along the seafront. Hermitage Park is worth a look though – it’s small but nice to sit in and rarely too busy.

I hope you’ve been getting a good dose of blossom and blue skies too.

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